27 December 2008

What's next?

I removed the Christmas Challenge from the "Current Projects" list and frankly, there isn't much left! The Paper Towel Challenge was to get to the end of the year without buying any more paper towels, and unless my cats eat alkaseltzer between now and then, we're going to make it to next Thursday with about 3 rolls.

I'll be working on "Step Two" of the payoff plan for like 3 more years, unless I win the lottery or get swept off my feet by a millionaire, so that's not going anywhere.

So, what's next? I have a bunch of goals for 2009, but many of them are not very financial in nature at this point. For example, I haven't been working out at ALL, and you can tell, so that's a goal. Also, I am Russian/Czech on my mom's side and I want to learn to make pirohi by heart so that I can make them for my children. My mom gave me my grandmother's Russian cookbook, so I'll have fun experimenting with that this year.

I want (need) to potty train my 2 year old, and get my 4 year old bunk beds (my inlaws are helping me with that one, so no saving required there). I also want to start chores with him, and am planning on checking out that book LauraC recommended (see comments for this post).

As for the financial goals, the garden and the tag sale are really for the summer. There will be some great clearance sales over the next couple of weeks, so I'll probably be spending more than I'll be paying off during January, but that helped me get the clothes and things we needed last year without spending too much.

So, January might be the Month of Frugal Spending, but that works, too!


shopandhop said...

Hey! I just "found" your blog the other night. I couldn't sleep until I finished the entire thing. I really admire what you did this year...I plan on doing the same thing in 2009...even the garden. Thank you for your inspiration and please keep blogging. You are an inspiration! Good luck and keep up the good work...you'll be debt free before you know it and have that house!

Anonymous said...

I too just found your blog, and am heading into a year of frugal living. Your blog posts have been so inspirational to me!

Thanks for sharing your year. Be proud of the changes you've made, and the life you've created. and please keep blogging, so we can follow another year!

LauraC said...

Those sounds like lots of goals! I would argue getting in shape is a money saving goal bc maybe you will eat less?! ha ha.

Lisa said...

I'm going to try and cut back on my paper towel usage, too. It's ridiculous how many we go through.

Kimberli said...

Jaime - Can you share your favorite clearance sales and when they usually occur?? I know Old Navy is having a sale, but I don't want to be duped into thinking THIS is the BIG ONE...if it actually gets better in a month...kwim?!

Jaime said...

Kim- last year, THE sale was in January- around the 10th. It was 50% off the 50% off clearance stuff (or 75% off). The big Target sale was also in January, maybe around the 3rd, and that one was 75% off toys and 90% off Christmas stuff. I would keep an eye on the Bargain Board for tips, but I'll definitely post it when I see them!