28 December 2008

Organize me, please

I'm in desparate need of a home organization makeover. There are things everywhere! I live in a small house without a lot of storage. We have a decent amount of closets, but few usable shelves and a galley kitchen that's more than problematic. Frankly, there's stuff EVERYWHERE.

In an effort to find a solution to this problem, I went to Target (I know) and bought two square bins- the kind that are thick cardboard covered with a tweedy fabric. I measured the spot under my coffee table and they fit under perfectly, so now I can sort of shove all the toys and books in them if I need to clean up, and they slide under and out of sight enough to just look nice. Plus, the kids can help put things in them, so that is an added bonus. They were 17.99 a piece, which is more than I'd typically spend, but I did it because a) I really needed something to deal with the clutter and b) I wanted something that would look decent and not dorm roomish.

Over the course of the year, I've thought a lot about when it's a good idea to spend money- and this is a good example. Spending 36 dollars on something that will make my life easier to manage is a good investment, and I could have easily blown 36 dollars on a sweater I didn't need or a crappy dinner at Friendly's.

I also scoped out what I want when the Target Christmas stuff goes to 75 or 90%. Fun!


LauraC said...

I think what you've described is conscious spending - figuring out exactly what you need and buying exactly what you want. You probably could have spent less but then you would want to replace it bc you wouldn't be happy with it, and spending even more money in the process.

I am so excited to see where 2009 takes you!

BabiesandBargains said...

I do the same thing...Most kids toys are in the playroom...Now they have a bucket each in their rooms...I also put a bucket each in the living room under the side tables. Works well for an easy clean up.

Mary said...

Ooh, what Laura said! It took me a long time (and sometimes I still do it anyway) to stop spending a little bit of money on junky stuff I don't like that much and just spend a little bit MORE money on stuff I like a lot more and will last longer. Good idea!

And what do mean Friendly's is "crappy"?? It's so delicious and healthy!

Katrina said...

So funny that you post this... particularly about Target!! We just cleaned out our local one of metal storage racks for our basement (because they went on crazy sale). It was getting hard to walk down there. Now, there is a place for everything, and as my hubs says, if you could organize your entire basement for $150, wouldn't you?! My answer was yes >:) If you can improve your quality of life, then it is not money wasted. Being frugal doesn't mean you can't IMPROVE how you live, too. Good work. :)