09 August 2008

Absent but not shopping

I haven't been posting much lately, mainly because I've been feeling really down and haven't much felt like talking in real life, and also here. Things with my husband have been very bad and very stressful, and my level of happiness, which is usually about an 8 out of 10, is probably at a 3. Luckily, my family has noticed, and have all offered to help me out with take out dinners and babysitting until we leave for our vacation on Monday.

Speaking of vacation, I'm actually going away for a few days. You may be thinking, vacation is not frugal, but fortunately I have a wonderful friend with a house near the beach who graciously invited us for a few days. I'll pay for the gas to get there, food, and anything extra we want to do, which works out nicely since a) I'd already be paying for gas to get to and from work and the babysitter, b) I'd already be paying for food at home, and since this is a house we can cook instead of going out (which I prefer- I'm like the only person on the planet that hates restaurant food) and c) I don't have to pay the babysitter while I'm gone, but I still get paid because I'm using vacation time. So, in the end, this trip won't cost us much extra.

I'm almost done with that book and I really love it, I have lots to say about it. I also got my copy of The Total Money Makeover from the library, so that's ready for when I finish the happiness book.

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libraryliz said...

Vacations may not be frugal, but they are definitely necessary, mentally. You have to get away sometimes, and it doesn't have to cost much. Of course, this is from a person who hasn't taken a vacation in two years...But I've got a maternity leave coming up in October, so that's almost the same thing, right???