24 August 2008

Not bad!

I stuck to my "keeping track of spending in my Blackberry" plan and I think it went well! I'm officially out of money for the week, but the fridge is stocked and my gas tank is full, plus I have 8 dollars in cash for the farmer's market, so I think I was pretty successful.

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day at the beach with some friends, and today I am tired and a bit burnt but happy. I've been slacking off a bit in the garden and really need to get out there, but I'm trying to get some serious vacuuming done before the kids come home from their day with dad. I also have lots of pictures to post so I'll get on that in a bit.

Next payday (Thursday) is a big bill pay off day, so I'm getting excited for that!

I also want to share that I decided to do a balance transfer on one of my credit cards. I got an offer from another card for 0% until June 2009, with a 99$ balance transfer fee. I transferred the entire balance of another card I had, that I was paying about 90-100 a month in interest, so I'll make that $99 fee back after one month. In addition, after June 09, the interest rate will switch back to the regular rate, which is the same as I was already paying, so even if I don't touch that debt between now and then (this is not the card I'm aggressively paying off right now), I'll save 900 dollars in interest by doing this (100 a month times 9 months). Finally, this particular card changes the minimum payment and due date each month for some reason, and that makes me nervous because I'm always afraid I'll accidentally underpay or miss a payment, and now I won't have to worry about that.

Finally, I'd like to add that the card I transferred this to had sent me an offer in the mail, but the one on the website was MUCH better than the one they mailed me, so keep that in mind when shopping for balance transfer offers. Good luck!


Mary said...

Wow, when you actually post the math, it makes me realize that I MUST do a balance transfer this week! I never really added up the money that we spend on interest (makes me nauseous...nauseated?), but that's a lot of money to be "saving" in a year!

amyamyamy said...

Jaime, it's Mel's little sister Amy here... your blog is awesome! I think it's wonderful that you've committed so successfully to financial stability, and that you're sharing it with the world. Very inspiring as I embark on my own ventures in debt-cutting.

Thanks for the info, and good job on doing something so good for you and yours.

Maybe see you soon!