18 August 2008

budget issues

It's becoming increasingly clear lately that my budget isn't cutting it. Basically, I never really added in things like diapers and toilet paper, I just grouped them in with the grocery budget, but I don't buy diapers and toilet paper at the grocery store, I buy them at target or CVS, so I would spend my grocery budget at the grocery store and then go over later on in the week.

I ran out of diapers, so I had to go to target. I ended up getting a pan on clearance that I knew I probably didn't need, but it was on my wishlist for a while because the one I have now is so warped parts of it don't touch the burner! So I used a little of my birthday money to get it.

I also went to IKEA to get something for the children's area at work, and I managed to get in and out of IKEA only spending 20 bucks, so I felt pretty good about that!

Wins and losses, wins and losses. I just want to get on with my life already. It's hard to keep the motivation every moment of every day, even knowing I have to come and fess up here.

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manda said...

I am the same EXACT way. I'm going to read your first posts today. I think we need to start the year of frugal living. My spending has been crazy lately. We even overdrew our account for the first time ever this week. I guess this was the reality check I needed!