31 August 2008

making the unfrugal frugal

Tonight I went out to dinner to a fancy restaurant with a friend. She had a gift certificate she wanted to use, so we got to treat purselves to a fancy girls night out. After dinner, we were planning on heading home, but joking about going to one of the casinos in my state. Then we decided we should go! My kids are spending the night at their grandparents' house, so I was a free agent. Awesome!

I had 20 dollars when we got there. I played slots for about an hour, until I was up to 56 bucks. Then I stopped for a while, then I played with those 6 dollars, and I quit when I got to 50. So, we stayed for 2 hours, and I made 30 dollars (or 27 couting the THREE dollar ATM fee!). So now I have money for hot dogs and beer for the cookout.

How awesome is that?

Oh, and by the way, I realize how often I use the word awesome. I'm enthusiatic, so sue me. ;)


Poker Queen said...

Don't get discouraged and don't worry about kids wearing used clothing. My grandson is 13 and surprisingly he loves shopping at the church's resale shop. We find really nice shirts for him and he's thrilled to get 10 shirts instead of 1 for the same price. Bargain shopping is a skill not everyone possesses. Remember you are changing your family tree and your kids will thank you for this one day.

manda said...

I think you did very AWESOME ;)

mimi168888 said...

AWESOME... Is one of my favorate word...haha

You are such an inspiration.