05 August 2008

Quickity Quick

I'm at work, and therefore shouldn't be blogging, but I didn't write last night because I was terribly exhausted. Things are good, I set up another ASP for the oil money, $250 a month from August to March (totaling $2000). Gas prices in my area, among the highest in the country, have dipped below 4.00 (3.99) so I'm going to start calling around for locked in oil prices. It's a gamble, but I think now is a good time. I'm lucky in Vegas (at gambling, not at marriages- yes, I got married in Vegas).

If you ever want to see why people are broke, watch an episode of House Hunters on HGTV. No, you don't need 3 walk in closets, and you don't need 3 bathrooms, and you don't need all chrome appliances. I don't have any of those things, and as you all know, I'm a pretty happy girl. And, as you all know, I have plenty to be unhappy about.

Here's a funny blog for some fun reading: http://lovelylisting.blogspot.com/

Happy Tuesday!


Kimberli said...

House Hunters is a fabulous example of what is wrong in our society. We watched an episode the other night where their original budget was $500,000 (a good amount of money for a home, anywhere!). Then they realized, they couldn't get "what they wanted" for that and ended up with a house for 1.8 million! HUH?!?!? They NEVER stay within budget on that show. EVER! Anyway, ITA!

Love ya! Great job on the ASPs. Luckily, we have to have one in our account (otherwise we get service fees on our savings account). Works well!

Anonymous said...

oh, I am so tempted to blog at work....

manda said...

We LOVE house hunters....People will spend 80k more on a house because of the paint color..