29 August 2008

another notch in my belt, or jumping the gun

I got paid yesterday, and before I had too much time to question it I quickly sent off a large payment to the credit card I'm aggressively paying off (I'd like to point out here that in order to spell aggressive correctly, I said the cheer in my head- you know: a-g-g-r-e-ss-i-v-e-aggressive! LOL). That payment knocked me down a number in the thousands column of the total, and abolished the remnants of any old balance transfer offers I had kicking around. Good stuff.

Only problem is, I forgot something. Two somethings, to be more specific: my first preschool payment (47 dollars) plus my therapist appointment (65). So, 112 dollars I totally didn't pland to spend, and all my extra money just went to monetarily flipping off Citibank. Crap.

I guess I'll have to juggle, borrow from Peter to pay Paul, and I'm sure it will be fine, but its not great. I'm still psyched about that big bill payment, though.



LauraC said...

When I make my monthly payment (we are debt free now, so all our extra money goes into our investment funds) I always leave a buffer of a couple hundred dollars for unexpected things. It seems like no matter how well you budget, there's always something coming up, particularly with kids!

Tracy said...

Jaime, I read through the archives last night and enjoyed your sense of humor along with your progress reports. I think you've done remarkably well so far. Keep up the good work! :)