21 August 2008

the weekly budget

In an effort to keep better tabs on my weekly spending budget, I came up with this plan:

I have a Blackberry that I always have with me, so I made a note for this week, from Thursday to Wednesday, 8/21 to 8/27, since I usually go grocery shopping on Thursday nights. Then I wrote what I spent, for example today's entry said:

Stop and shop: 25
Lunch with a friend: 12
Total: 27- no, 37. Obvious math!

So now I know how much I have left for the week. I think this should work!

1 comment:

Jess said...

That sounds awesome! I do something similar and it really does keep me on track.

But isn't 25+12 37? :)


I love reading your blog. You are doing a great job.