15 August 2008

Book Review, Part One

This book, Money Can Buy You Happiness by MP Dunleavey, is really written for women, regardless of the fact that the author doesn't say that anywhere. The author herself is a woman, she talks about things that women worry about, and how women generally feel about money (a hormone-induced emotional tossed salad of fear, sadness and appetite).

What this works out to is chapters called things like "Buy Yourself More Time." Sure, men can do that too, but the number one thing we moms (working and staying home) need is TIME. And, says Dunleavey, you can go ahead and buy that back for yourself. You just need to prioritize- cutting your expensive cable to pay for a weekly cleaning service, for example. Brown bagging it and using the money to get your groceries delivered. You get the idea.

I like this. This is what I was sort of working out in my own mind, how I might have $100, and I want something that costs $100, but for whatever reason I feel like I can't get/don't deserve that $100 thing, so I end up blowing that money on stupid things.

I'm going to buy myself some time right now and go watch Project Runway, but I've been a slacker lately and I promised the book review. Part Two- fun, or flow- tomorrow!

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