11 September 2008

Dermatologist Love Letter

Dr. Noonan,

I love you. I really do. Not only are you cute and funny, and my kids love you, but when you wrote me those 2 prescriptions for the weird dry skin I have on my chin, I took them to Rite Aid and they gave me a 30 dollar gift card for EACH of them. Then I bought myself new makeup, and diapers and wipes for my little Max, for free. So not only did you save me mucho dinero, but I'll be looking pretty good the next time you see me.

So, if you ever get divorced, just let me know. I'll schedule myself for something.


OMG, I wish. I love him! I wonder if he's a wonderful husband, too, or if he leaves towels on the floor and watches Spike TV and doesn't change diapers. I doubt it, though.

So, the Rite Aid thing is awesome. Basically, they will give you a 30 dollar gift card if you transfer a prescription. However, I had 2 new prescriptions that had refills, and they accepted them. The coupons are right on the pick up counter at the pharmacy, and it said limit 4 per customer, so you could technically make 120 bucks off this without even stretching the rules.

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Kimberli said...

Wow... I thought I loved my Doc, but he's never given me gift cards! Haha... too bad we don't have Rite Aid out here! :(