21 September 2008

I'm just not into it

I went over to a friend's house tonight and saw a guy I went to high school with. He's never been someone I had anything in common with, but we're both close with the friend whose house we were at, and we actually live in the same town. While we were talking, he was telling me about all the home improvement projects he was working on.

I like to think of myself as a pleasant person, but honestly, I think I might have evolved into a bitch. I just couldn't listen to him talk. All I heard was the cash register sound and thought of all the money he was spending. I thought about all the old housing materials getting thrown in the dumpster, and the new hardwood floors made out of trees that take 50-100 years to reach full size, and I didn't want to listen to him. So I told him, "I'm just not into that stuff." It was strange to hear it come out of my mouth, but there it was, falling out of me and onto the floor, undeniable. I'm just not into that stuff. It was true, and it felt great.


jennymsw said...

Good for you! I think as we age we become more honest and don't put up with as much BS as we would normally.

I'm extremely curious... who was this person from high school????

Kimberli said...

Jaime - How about using the situation to educate him? Tell him that it takes x years to "grow" that hardwood flooring. Give him ideas of ways to recycle the materials that he's replacing (give them away, reuse them in another part of his home, etc...). Just an idea.

julie said...

Is it possible that he was using sustainable materials? like bamboo or cork flooring? or that he was recycling the materials that he wasn't keeping? cause there are ways to do that... and perhaps he was spending a bit of money to make some money? like improving the value of his home? or making it a place that he would feel proud of and happy to be? or making it more efficient, therefore "greener" and save money in the long run on energy?

or maybe he was just a dick. i'm pretty into home improvements if i can do them the right way. i'm all about insulation.