18 September 2008

status report

I went grocery shopping last night with the whole healthful-eating thing in mind. I did spend more than I usually do, but it was still within my weekly grocery budget, with under a dollar left. It was good, though, because I really bought quite a bit of food- I think enough to even make it through the week, with a stop for fruit after the weekend.

I also paid off the remaining balance on that card that I transferred, so I no longer have to deal with them or that baloney attempt to raise my interest rate. I won't close this card yet because it would negatively affect my credit score to do so- my debt to total credit ratio is quite high, and if I cancel that card it would be even higher. So until I pay off the next card, that one stays open.

Tomorrow I'm having some friends over for a cookout, the last of the season, so that will be fun. Potlucks are the best, frugally and fun-wise. I can't wait.

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