12 September 2008

off track

I'm feeling a little off track. While I have been keeping track of my spending in my Blackberry, I am consistantly spending next week's money this week, so I always feel behind/ deprived.

I also spent some extra money on weird things, like donating to the police fundraiser, paying random bills, and the gas it cost to go to the Cape. So, I'm probably 100- 150 dollars off budget.

Plus, I'm exhausted. Work has been really busy and its only going to get busier. Sometimes I worry that I take on too much at work. In addition, I've been putting off the things I need to do for the divorce, because I just don't feel like dealing with it.

The balance transfer did go through, so that's awesome. ;)

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Kimberli said...

Jaime, not like I'm one to talk, but don't forget that charity needs to be built into your budget too! And then you have to pick and choose to whom you donate. I have always fallen into the trap of donating to EVERYONE who asks. But, then I realized, I'm doing my best when I pick a couple organizations that I truly, truly feel the need to support and do so that way.

Speaking of which, with the big guy having a bday coming up, did I tell you what we did for Lou's bday? She has too much stuff, and didn't need more, so I had all the guests bring a toy, puzzle, book, or game to donate to the Ronald McDonald Charities. They run the RM House, where families stay while their little ones are in the hospital. So, those toys are for the siblings or whatnot, so they have something to do while their family is stuck at the hospital/Ronald McDonald house. It was so awesome, and we'll be doing it again with Bug.