13 September 2008


I checked my balance for that card I'm transferring and it went through, so the balance shows as 300 bucks, which will be paid off this week. Yippee! Even though I just moved it around, I still feel like I'm making progress (which I am, if you consider the interest I'm about to save).

Tonight's goals: donate to my friend jenny's walk for the liver foundation: http://go.liverfoundation.org/site/TR/LiverLifeWalk2008/General?px=1042626&pg=personal&fr_id=1075&et=Rgyo9qeT_6b90lu1KV9IoA..&s_tafId=1115 and reallocate the money in my alternatative retirement plan (ARP). More on that tomorrow.

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jennymsw said...

Thanks for the donation, Jaime!! :-)