04 September 2008

Jaime: 1 Stop and Shop: 0

I went grocery shopping today and used the handheld scanner thing for the first time. While I was shopping, I noticed that the frozern pizza I was buying rang up wrong, so when I checked out, this is what happened:

Me: this pizza scanned wrong- it was supposed to be 6.99 but it came up 7.49.
Cashier motions to manager, who comes over and I tell him.
Manager: okay, I can adjust the price.
Me: is this one of those commodity items that you get for free if it scans wrong?
Manager: sure, I can give it to you for free.
Me: thanks!

Score! As usual, it never hurts to ask!


Astrid said...

Sweet! I wish that we had those self-scanners in the carts here in Vermont. Can't wait for it to come... I'm sure it will. Good for you for asking!

manda said...

I cannot wait for those to get to NH Im sure it will be a LONG time away!

jennymsw said...

The free pizza was yummy!!! Thanks!