08 September 2008

Oh no you didn't.

Remember the credit card I tried to transfer and for some reason it got declined? Well, turns out they must have charged my interest the same day that I did the balance transfer request, so when it went in, I didn't have enough available credit (by 2 dollars). Whatever.

So today, I got my statement from that card I was planning on paying off, and in the envelope is a little piece of paper that says this:

We are increasing Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) on your account, unless you reject these changes as described on the reverse side. These APRs will vary each month with changes in the prime rate. The prime rate we select at the end of each month will be the highest prime rate published during the preceding three months, and will be applied to all balances in the same billing cycle as when selected. The balances include transactions made before the new prime rate is selected.

Now, I don't usually swear on this blog, even though I'm sort of a potty mouth, because I feel like I have nice, respectable readers who like or have kids, and want to pay off some credit cards. But seriously, are they fucking KIDDING ME? I especially love the part where they actually just come out and say they will randomly pick the highest prime rate possible. Why the preceding three months, MBNA? Why not all prime rates in the history of the world? And at this level of ridiculousness, why even bother with the prime rate? Why not my age times my weight, or something equally ridiculous?

And to top it off, they give me the "option" of getting out, as follows: We must receive your rejection by your statement Closing Date in October 2008 or your rejection will not be effective. So, it doesn't matter when it was postmarked, as is the way normal business is done, I just have to hope they get it by the date that I don't actually know yet, because it's in October. Sweet.

Whatever. I transfer you, MBNA! I hate credit cards.


manda said...

I like the potty mouth in you!!! lol

mary said...

Wow, that's pretty shitty! Will you find another card to transfer to now? I just found a Capital One with 0% APR for 16 months and no transfer fee. They really do suck.....