02 September 2008

the never-ending struggle

As usual, just when I thought I was doing really well, things have snuck up on me. For some unknown reason, my balance transfer didn't go through, even though I definitely had enough available credit. I am totally out of food and money. I'm just about out of gas. Mikey starts preschool tomorrow, which means my daycare expenses are about to go up, and saving up for oil has pretty much killed my raise. I had to cut down on my debt payments just to make it work, which means the rest of the third and probably all of the fourth quarter of the Year of Frugal Living won't be as exciting or impressive as quarters one and two. Oh, and my garden is sort of dying. I neglected it and it was hot, and things don't look so great.

But hey. At least I HAVE money for oil, and Christmas presents, thanks to the Automatic Savings Plans I signed up for. And while I'm not paying off as much debt, I'm still hacking away at it. I have a feeling that the balance transfer thing is a mistake. And finally, my little fall lettuce and beets and peas are fine, so maybe it's just the end of the season. And Mikey is going to LOVE preschool. And honestly, we're happy, we're healthy, and we're safe.

Could be better, could be worse.


Anonymous said...

you said that right!

i'm trying to recover from a week of getting my three kids ready for school.

I too am out of gas today...spending thursday check today is not what I planned on doing!

could be worse though

jennymsw said...

I'm glad you are being positive about things!! Positivity is a wonderful thing. Best of luck to Mikey at preschool. I'm sure he will do excellent there.