13 April 2008

Frugal shopping spree!!!!

I woke up this morning in the mood to SHOP. However, I obviously have no money, so I had to get a little creative.

I had 13.50 in extra care bucks from CVS, plus Mikey needed a prescription (ear infection) and I had a coupon for a 25$ gc for filled an rx there. So, that gave me 38.50 to spend. I got:

1 Always pads 4.99
2 hula hoops :) 13.98
1 pedi egg 9.99
1 stepping stone for my garden 7.99
1 pair of kids gardening gloves 3.49
1 glucose monitor 14.99

- 14.99 glucose monitor
total: 28.49
minus 25.00 gc
TOTAL $3.49
earned 14.99 ecbs

So then I went to Target and got:

1 loaf bread 2.50
1 bag mini bagels 2.50
1 pkg ocelo sponge (clearance) 1.14
1 bag cat food 3.99
1 spray bottle for plants .99 (I want to mention that these were 3.49 in the garden section and .99 in the spot where they have the travel size things)
1 box mac and cheese 1.27

-1.00 sponge coupon
-3.00 cat food
-5.00 gift card
TOTAL: $3.52

So basically, I shopped for about 2 hours, and got $52.83 worth of stuff for $7.01, including food and house stuff! Awesome!


manda said...

Wow you did great!

Anonymous said...

Jaime - you gotta ask your friends if they happen to have any of the items you need - maybe they'd like to re-purpose them by giving them to you! For example, I have a hula hoop! E.