01 April 2008

People make a really big deal out of things

I donated blood today. (Donating blood is awesome. Go to www.givelife.org to find a blood drive near you.) Most of the people I told acted as if I was donating an arm or something. This is a familiar reaction to me in many facets of my life. As I have mentioned, my husband and I are no longer together, something that garners a lot of sympathy from my family and friends. Honestly, as much as I know they mean well and they just love me, it's sort of annoying to hear "Gee, I don't know how you do it. It must be so hard." 4000 times a day. It's sort of hard, but it was harder before. Trust me on that one.

I get a similar reaction to my frugal living. I hear a lot of "Oh, you're still doing that?" In the same vein (get it? vein? blood donation? I said I was going to be funnier), telling someone that something they are doing sounds really impossible to you isn't really a great way to help them feel like it's possible. It's sort of like saying to someone who has a disease, "Wow, that must be an awful disease to have. I don't know how you can get out of bed in the morning. I think I'd just roll over and die." Seriously- doesn't that sound awful?

So, yes, I'm still doing the Year of Frugal Living. Yes, it's hard to not have another parent in the house. Yes, donating blood does make me super freaking awesome. Can we talk about something else now?


Kim said...

Jaime - YOU ARE SUPER FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! I finally read through your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And although I am not a frugalista, I am taking some tips from you. So, as I step away from my next unplanned purchase, I will chant, "I do not NEED you...I do not NEED you...you have no power over me." Thanks!!!!!

Astrid said...

I would love to donate blood, but I've lived in Europe, so the Red Cross doesn't want my blood for fear of Mad Cow. :(

So, I sell my blood intermittently to a research lab down the hall from mine. :D ($12-$40 a pop!)

Keep up your YOFL, you are an inspiration!