26 April 2008

I think I'm going to vomit

I sort of just blew through a lot of my tax return, and I feel sick about it, and now I have to come on here and publicly admit it, which makes me feel even sicker. Basically, this is what happened.

I spent half of it on new eyeglasses. I can't even wear the ones I have now because the script is so wrong. Even though I acknowledge this is a legitimate expense, I still feel weird about spending over 500 dollars on myself.

I bought a new outfit at the Gap for an important meeting I have on Tuesday. I might return it tomorrow, because I have something to wear... I'm still mulling that one over. I bought a bra, too, so the total was about $100. In my defense, I did use coupons and bought a slightly stained dress because it was marked down 20% (I think it's just dirt).

I spent $50 on the garden, including some fancy tomato plants that I'm probably going to kill. It seemed like a really good idea at the time.

I went over my gas AND grocery budgets for the month of April by about $150 (total).



Kim said...

How the heck did you spend $500 on glasses? If I didn't have insurance, paid for the exam, glasses AND contacts, I'd still be under $450. Just wondering. I'm really impressed with your blog. Actually taking some tips from you. Russ doesn't like it, but I DO. :) PS - miss you!

Jaime said...

Hi Kim,

I have some serious eye problems and need special lenses and stuff, which are very expensive. Thanks for rubbing it in!