22 April 2008


You know the saying "reduce, reuse, recycle"? There's not much that is more frugal than that! Here's a good way of reducing trash AND reducing what you spend on new things:

My friend Rachel (hi Rachel!) was reading my blog and she said "Don't open your Pedi Egg, I have extra ones." Since she has a baby, I offered to trade her some of my little one's outgrown clothes for the PediEgg, and I returned the one I bought to CVS, and I got 10.51 back, which I spent on 2 bags of organic potting soil for the garden. Cost: $0 and no negative impact on the environment.

Happy Earth Day!

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Anonymous said...

i wish i lived close enough to swap things with you. that and to see you like every day. or at least twice a week....

in other news... i will take a pic of my office tomorrow if i remember and send it to you!