21 April 2008

It's too nice out to blog

I haven't been writing because I've been too busy playing outside. It's been almost (or over) 80 and sunny every day, which is a far cry from any day in the last six months. I did some YOFL stuff, though- I planted 4 vegetables in my garden- broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and lettuce, and I got my tax return and spent some money at the dreaded Target. It was hard not spending a lot of money on fun stuff this weekend with it being so nice out, but I kept it down to the aforementioned clothes and the quilt for my older son's bed that I have been waiting to buy for several months. It was weird, though- my total came to $200.00, and I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the number! It's funny how much has changed- before, I would have spent a lot, but maybe even charged it, and now I paid cash and felt good about my purchases, because I had waited to buy them until it was possible. That is a really great feeling, even better than playing outside all weekend. No- playing outside was better, but being frugal was great, too. :)

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