23 April 2008

Holy shit, restaurants are expensive!

Last night after work I went out for drinks and apps with some friends. This is something I don't typically do because a) it's expensive and b) those damn kids. But, last night was a celebration, and the kids were at their dad's. I had two margaritas and an appetizer, and I spent THIRTY TWO dollars. That's enough to make you barf right there.

Right now I'm eating the lunch I brought from home. It is a whole wheat wrap with turkey, goat cheese, lettuce and tomato, a bag of grapes, and the other half of the Balance Bar I started eating at 11:00. This is how that adds up:

wrap 0.38 (8 for 2.99)
turkey 0.91 (1/2 lb for 3.63)
goat cheese, lettuce and tomato FREE (a friend brought over for dinner)
grapes .74 (1 lb for 4.43)
Balance Bar .56 (on clearance at Target)
TOTAL: 2.59

yeah, restaurants. yikes.


Anonymous said...

I went out with some friends last year and had a pomegranate margarita. That sucker cost more than my meal...the drink was 8.50 I can't believe they can gouge you that much for 2 shots of alcohol. I feel your pain! Luckily it doesn't happen often or I'd be broke. :)

manda said...

wow!! I need to start thinking like that