27 April 2008

Bush Bucks Madness

For some reason, this tax return/ Bush Bucks/ raise I'm getting has made me insane! I've pretty much lost the ability to restrain myself. It's a little like Survivor, when they win a challenge and they feed them and the people eat so much that they vomit. (two vomit posts in two days?)

I feel like it's found money, even though it's MY money. I went to the grocery store to get berries and bread, and spent 51.00. FIFTY ONE dollars!! For some reason, I feel like I deserve to buy 6 dollar pierogies, I just missed them so bad, and it's orthodox easter and it was all I could think of today...

I'm rambling, I know it. It's like I'm drunk on overspending. The Economides' (love them) have a plan for found money, it's something like 10% fun spending, 20% savings, 70% debt. When my Bush Bucks come, I will stick to that. Seriously. You can hold me to it.

ETA: The clothes I bought at the Gap didn't fit (thank goodness). The bra did, and it's awesome, and I'm happy about that. The rest is going back!

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