25 May 2008

Garden Progress Report- 05.25.08

Here's what's happening in the garden- it's been just about two weeks since the last update, and everything is MUCH bigger. I added some zucchini plants in the back:

I also added a whole other section of plants. These are tomatoes (3 varieties), peppers (2 colors) and basil. They are on the right side of the garden. Those pink flowers in the front are columbine, and the thing in the bottom right corner is the bird bath.
This is how big the rhubarb has gotten! It's ready to eat. Next to it are some irises and other flowers, and of course, dandelions.

In the front I planted two huge pots with the fairy tale eggplants. One has Thai basil with it and the other has the red rubin purple basil. The only things I still want are yellow squash and cucumbers, but I'm just about out of room!
This week when I went grocery shopping, for the first time I didn't buy something (lettuce) because it is ready to eat from the garden. How cool is that?

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Astrid said...

I'm so jealous of your garden! I am in the frozen north of Vermont, and we rarely dare to plant too much before Memorial Day. Our rhubarb is also taking off, though. Love that stuff. Check out recipes at http://www.rhubarbinfo.com - it's more than just pie! I've made some wonderful savory dishes with rhubarb, including a to die for rhubarb chutney!

Keep up the good work - I love reading your blog.