18 May 2008

Today's project: well-stocked kitchen

In this month's Parents magazine, there's an article about stocking your fridge with healthy, easy foods. (It's on pg 42, I'm writing this from my phone so no links right now). So, my project for today is to clean out and organize my fridge and pantry and restock it with good food. I'll post more when I get on my computer later, but I wanted to update!

Also, yesterday I went to a tomato seedling festival at a farm and got 2 varieties of tomatoes (early girl and yellow pear), 3 types of basil (Genovese, Thai and Red Rubin) and my Burpee plants came (super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and fairy tale eggplants) so those are all going in today, too. I'll take pictures when I put them in but they are so cute, and I can't wait to eat them all!

Be back later!

Okay, I'm back. I went to Target and Stop and Shop, and I spent (yikes) $120.00 on groceries. Obviously, this is the most I have spent on groceries since I started doing this, and it was a little insane. But, I did it for two reasons: one, we had no food. Two, I have a little extra money this month, thanks to GWB and the raise I got. So, the timing was right.
Here's what my refrigerator looked like before I went:

There's really nothing to eat in there, unless you're three, which I'm not. (Except the beer, of which I am partaking right now. Blogger is having issues and this is the third time I'm writing this, plus soon-to-be-ex doesn't communicate well and that gives me angst. I'm being very diplomatic. You can imagine what I'm thinking... Anyway.) So, this is what it looks like now:

Yum. I also bought pantry staples like couscous, rice, popcorn, breakfast cereal, canned stuff and dried fruit. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had nothing to eat, and the food I bought was stuff I like, so it feels special. It's really sad that I just plain don't eat sometimes, like last night when there wasn't enough chicken for us three so I just had couscous and peas. Sigh.

So, I feel good, and I think I won't have to buy a lot of food the next couple of trips, just veggies and milk and stuff. Good stuff.

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