08 May 2008

Making a hard decision

I'm making a tough decision this week. Basically, I'm at the end of my rope with husband, and am feeling like I'm finally ready to file for divorce. The situation we're in is particularly complicated and I truly think my best bet would be to hire a lawyer, especially since the vast majority of the debt I am now attempting to pay off with the Year of Frugal Living is, in fact, his debt.

The lawyer I found, that was highly recommended to me, costs 3000 dollars. I've pretty much decided to hire her and pay the money, but a huge part of me really wants to pay off the debt with that money. I think that in the long run, I'm doing the right thing, but it's really hard.

I think some people in my life think that I'm stupid for not just filing through the court myself and paying $400 instead of $3000. I just think that in order to make sure that my children are properly represented and he is held responsible for the debt he has incurred in my name, I need a lawyer.

Reading this over, it sounds like my mind is made up to do it. If I weren't doing the YOFL, I wouldn't even have this option, so I guess I won't beat myself up about it so much.


Mary said...

It looks like the $400 would be the best solution in the short term, but for the long term, the lawyer will be the best way to go. This isn't frivolous spending; it's a necessity. Think of it as groceries or oil or something. I think you're making a good decision!

Jenny said...

I second Mary!! You need to do what is best for you and your boys and you already know what that is. Think of the burden that will be off of your back once it is over and done with. And then hopefully, your money situation will be better as well. Good luck and know you have people here for you!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jaime - sounds like you're handling this very responsibly (as always), and there's no "good" way to get through it. The $3,000 is an investmnet in the future for you and your kidz ... not easy to make those kinds of investments when there are pressing needs right in front of you, here and now. E.