16 May 2008

What are you changing because of gas prices?

Last night my friend Mary (hi Mary) said that she has begun combining errands to save money on gas, or choosing to stay home instead of going places for fun. It seems like a lot of people are doing that now that gas has gotten so high (the average hit $4.00 here in Connecticut). Honestly, I think it's a good thing. If there's one thing we're all well-aware in the year 2008, our country is far too dependant on foreign oil, and fossil fuels in general. Gas has been very expensive in Europe for a long time, and as a result, Europeans have smaller, more efficient cars, better public transportation, and lots of people walk and bike.

I think that we need better public transportation, communities that are accessible by foot and bike, and fuel efficient cars. Yesterday at the gas station I was sort of dancing and singing in my car while I was waiting in line to fill up. The guy next to me was laughing and I said "we might as well have fun if we're going to pay this much for gas" (and I was lucky, I had a 10 cents off per gallon coupon so I only paid $3.84). So, as he was walking back, he looked at the total on my pump and said "You had more fun than me!" (meaning I paid a lot less) and I looked at his SUV and said "They made fun of me for getting a lame minivan, now who's laughing?" It wasn't him!

I'd like to say my next car will be a hybrid, but honestly, I wish I didn't have to drive at all. Before kids, I didn't have a car. I lived in a city, and I walked or biked everywhere, or took the local trolley if it was raining or freezing. Sometimes I would ride my bike to the market, fill my reusable grocery bag with organic produce, and ride home. It was incredibly fulfilling, and I miss that. I hope that this gas thing brings us to that place, because it's a good place to be.

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manda said...

It is amazing what you learn to do to be cheap. In this case afford to do anything else