21 May 2008

I'm 29 going on 74.

Not only did I get my new very-librariany glasses yesterday, but then I joined the Garden Club! Next I'll get out my cross-stitch and drink some prune juice.

I joined the Garden Club because the VP of the development company for the project in my town wrote me back saying that they WOULD in fact be interested in a community garden! Sweet! He also said that the project will have public transportation around town that will run to the development itself, which is attached to the train station. I'm so, so happy. This is exactly what I have been talking about and now it's looking like it will happen in my very own town, and I just might get to be a part of it!

Anyway, I guess they won't get to the gardens phase until next year, which is why I joined the Garden Club. I figure I'll need a little street cred with the gardening set, more than just a 6' sq plot and a braggy blog. So, starting in September, I'll be one of those ladies out on the side of the road planting things and drinking lemonade. Actually, that sounds wonderful.

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