22 May 2008

paper plates are not for frugalistas

On the front page of my local paper, there's a chart showing how much the price of all your typical cookout food has gone up since last Memorial Day. The items that went up the most were rolls, paper plates, and mayonnaise. Rolls are a neccesity, but if you have a bread outlet near you, that's a good place to grab those (we have Pepperidge Farm/Entemanns ones).I think mayo is gross, but that's something that you can get at CVS or on sale. But paper plates? Seriously? Washing plates is not really that bad! I use those melamine plates they sell at target- they are the Zak brand and I got them on a clearance endcap for like 60 cents each. And they are so cute, plus my kids drop them and throw them. I haven't investigated them for the email cancer plastic, but I also heard corelle is made of glass but virtually unbreakable, so I'm going to be scoping out the clearance racks for some.

On a totally unrelated note, I picked up my new glasses and I finally decided to get my hair cut, so I am feeling much better. I also made a big decision, but I won't get into that until all involved parties have been notified, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


Kim said...

correlle plates are awesome and cheap. Find a correlle/reverewear outlet near you.

Jan said...

We have just started a new website in the UK www.countingthepennies.com. Whilst we take our attempts at frugal living, we also want to give it a more light hearted approach and get as many like minded people involved as possible.