01 May 2008

Some days this sucks!!!!

We have practically nothing to eat! We are out of:

half and half
"lunch" fruit (apples, grapes, etc)
breakfast foods
organic sugar

This morning was rough. I had to piece together breakfast and lunch for my two kids out of what we had, so kid #1 had one egg, one piece of toast, some banana and some mozzarella cheese with water, and kid #2 had toast w/ jelly, banana, cheese and water. I felt like the worst mom! Their lunches weren't much better, one was tuna fish and the other was pb&j with raisins on it, a banana and some goldfish.

I know this probably sounds like a fine lunch, but I had to scavenge for what I found. I basically looked at what was in the fridge and worked out possible combinations, like "if I use the jelly at breakfast, there's not enough for lunch" or "can I make any bisquick breakfast foods with no milk?" (no). Not fun at 6:15 am!!!

But I did it (I even ate a piece of bread with pb and found some old coffeemate and white sugar for my coffee, blech). I did it! I made it through. And tonight, I go to the grocery store.

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