25 May 2008

totally off topic

After watching Juno, Entourage, and the first 5 minutes of Knocked Up, I'd like to say that guys suck. They are terrible. Seriously, I think they must lose maturity at puberty because my nearly-two and three-and-a-half year old boys are more mature than these guys. Ughhhhh. I'm gravely concerned that my two sweet, well-mannered, wonderful little boys will grow up to be narcisistic, selfish, morons that do bong hits and think 16 year olds would actually like them when they are 35.

I do love my little boys, but let me be the first to say I will punch them in the junk if they grow up to be 35 year old Nintendo playing, bong hitting, dirty dish leaving suck asses.

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gLobeY said...

As a mother of a 24 month old boy and baby boy #2 due in 8 weeks, I say AMEN SISTER! When is it that our sweet little boys turn in to these "dudes" that are so frequently depicted in mass media? And how do we prevent that from happening? :)