12 May 2008

Products I like

Here's a little list of things I like:

Things I have:
  1. Dryer Balls: Buy them for 9.99, use them instead of dryer sheets. Never buy dryer sheets again. Unfortunately, Treehugger.com says they are not very environmentally friendly but neither are dryer sheets. What to do?
  2. Clotheslines. Here's what the NYT has to say about clotheslines. Mine cost $3.00.
  3. Metal coffee filters: For 10-20 dollars, you can never buy paper coffee filters again. You reduce the amount of things you throw in the garbage, save money, and apparently, your coffee tastes better. I'd agree with that.
  4. Coffee mugs and water bottles. This is what the desk I'm sitting at RIGHT NOW looks like:
  5. Reusable shopping bags. I have a bunch: a couple from stop and shop, one Target one, a recycled cotton one, a tote bag I swiped from my mother in law. I use them a lot. I like to show off when I have them at the store. My store takes 5 cents off my purchase for each bag I have (so bring 'em all in!).

Things I want:

  1. Rain barrels. Catches rain water in a barrel and you can use it to water your plants. Saves $ on the water bill, and you're not watering your garden with chlorinated water.
  2. Solar panels for my roof. I read somewhere that you can write off quite a bit of the expense. Plus you are SO MUCH COOLER than anyone else.
  3. Compost bins. Less trash (good if you pay for trash pickup, which I think we all should), more soil for your garden, and again, nice show off factor.
  4. Glass "tupperware." If you've never gotten that email about how plastic is giving you cancer by leeching into your food, then I don't know what to say. Glass lasts longer, doesn't give you potentially-made-up-email-cancer, and is so pretty it would make Martha Stewart proud.


abc said...

I have glass tupperware. Its pretty awesome; its easy to clean, doesn't retain any odors, keeps things fresh longer, and looks way nicer! I highly recommend it.

Katrina said...

Speaking of glass tupperware, did you know Nalgene is discontinuing their hard plastic bottles like the one on your desk? So sad! But it is due to the chemical leaching you mentioned, so I thought I would throw it out there.

Love you blog, BTW, it's inspiring me to live better.

Heidi said...

I've been looking into composting and found you can do one in a garbage can (plastic) with a lid. Poke holes in the bottom and set it up off the ground (like on cinderblocks or something) and every once in awhile roll it around to mix everything up...Sounded interesting to me! Thought you might be interested too!

Jaime said...

Thanks, everyone! I learn so much from the comments people post. I'm off to read a composting book and email Nalgene!

Kim said...

Heidi must have been reading the same magazine as me...the composting thing is really easy. I think it was in Self...but I don't know when, because I don't read my mags in a timely manner...

I bought a couple water bottles (YAY ME!), always use my coffee mugs (YAY ME!) and just started using reusable grocery bags (Jewel has a nice insulated one for freezer stuff). I also told Russ to start returning his metal hangers to the cleaners, rather than throw them out.

I'll have to look into the metal coffee filter. I know we used to have one.

Heidi said...

Also, a friend of mine got really cool water bottles at Pottery Barn. They're really heavy, I don't know what they're made of, not plastic though, but they have some really pretty designs...

Jaime said...

Heidi- what are they? Post a link!

Heidi said...

go to pottery barn.com and search for water bottles. I looked them up last night and they're stoneware AND they're on clearance, but they only had the coffee mugs left. I really want a water bottle


Hope that works