12 June 2008

Another Example of Forgotten Treasures

The picture's not great, I took it with my cell phone, but what this is is a picture of a drawer I have in my kitchen. I think I have mentioned this, but my house came with about 50 years worth of "housewife treasures"- garden books, binoculars, baking pans and, you guessed it, towels and dish rags. I had forgotten about the last one until yesterday's post. So this morning, I dug through it and found quite a bit of what I need (my cat, Piper, helped. You can see her nosy little head on the right).

At lunch my coworker, the frugalista E, and I are heading to Goodwill to look for some more linens. I was inspired by the latest post on Posie Gets Cozy, so check that out. It makes my terrible cell phone pictures look even more terrible.

Oh! And as for the paper towels? I came home and the very first thing I saw was cat poop. (from the other cat, who is less nosy but way barfier). I imagine the paper towel companies have secret anti-spay-and-neuter lobbyists because cat barf/poop has to be the #1 paper towel use. Like the Bounty No-Kill Cat Shelter, or something.


Suzanne said...

I came across your blog and hope you dont mind me leaving a comment. I was hooked on your opening lines. I need frugal living badly.

Jaime said...

Welcome Suzanne! I took a look at your blog and your images are beautiful! Another place that makes my terrible cell phone pictures look even worse. :)