07 June 2008

Dear diary, today was very, very hot.

So, its like 100 degrees out. No exaggeration. I live in New England, where it goes from cool spring to hot summer in the blink of an eye. Last night was chilly, today it was Costa Rica. My garden sort of looked like an agricultural experiment- the hot weather lovers like the tomatoes grew about 3 inches, whereas the cold guys like the broccoli took on this wilted "kill me now" stance. It was almost funny. I picked some more lettuce, some peas and some rhubarb, and was excited to see some flowers on my Early Girl tomatoes. Yay!

We also went strawberry picking, which was so fun. I was reading the organic food thread on BHB last night (I get enough hits from MDU to know most people will know what I'm talking about) and Lemony said she eats "SLOW"food- seasonal, local, organic and whole. That is so cool because that is what I want to do and I love when things have cool names. So, we went and picked some seasonal local strawberries and it was awesome.


manda said...

I hear ya on the crazy NE weather. Im in NH and last night we wore sweaters and jeans when we went out!! Today everyone was stripped down to bathing suits and the AC is on

Astrid said...

We sat around sweating on each other in Vermont yesterday... although I got some of my garden planted before it got too hot! (Still need to get in the plants like tomatoes and squash - and they would have loved to be in the ground yesterday)

Waiting for the heat wave to pass.