09 June 2008

Holy moly, it is very hot outside

It's about 100 degrees again today. I shut all my windows this morning and set the thermostat (programmable- HIGHLY recommend that one if you don't have it) to 80 degrees, and then about an hour before we get home it'll go to 75. If it's cold in the house when we get home, I'll shut it off.

I managed to get through the whole weekend without turning on the a/c, although last night I turned on the fan- my a/c has an option to just blow air through the vents without running the chiller, and that works really well at night when the temperature drops outside but it's still hot in the house. I also had 2 ceiling fans on and that seemed to help.

Since replacing my light bulbs with CFLs, getting a nightlight for the kitchen and putting my computer on a power strip so it wasn't plugged in all day, I've reduced my electricity bill by 40 dollars a month!

Luckily I don't think this heatwave will last much longer, but my tomato plants are just loving it!

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