26 June 2008

another store to avoid

Everyone has their place that they need to stay out of, and besides Target, mine is Marshalls (TJ Maxx). Marshalls is like a tag sale where everything is brand new, so you don't have to worry about preworn shoes or funky old pillows, but its still exciting to look through all the crap and see what treasures you can find. Today I found myself oddly impelled to visit Marshalls and for some unknown reason, I went.

When I started this blog and the Year of Frugal Living, I promised I'd write about it if I spent money, so, I spent money today. 28 dollars, to be exact. This was the first time I'd been there since the Year began, so it was pretty exciting. I ended up getting this metal box:

an 8 inch frying pan (mine is beat) and a paring knife (I only own one knife and its about 10 years old). The laundry box is actually for the paper towel challenge- I put it in my kitchen to put the used towels, napkins and dishcloths in. It's metal so I think this will work out well. Plus, it is so.cute.

Go ahead, judge me!


Jenny said...

I commend you actually! $28 is not bad at all for three items you needed. It's not like you went on a shopping spree for clothing. It's not like you went to Target and spent $118 on six bins (those ARE a necessity for my move), a dress (it was only $4.84), pants (they were only $11.84), a bra, three pairs of panties, and snacks for work (I'm bowing my head in shame).

You didn't buy $60 jeans so like I said, I commend you!! You have much better willpower than I do!!!

Mary said...

Ooooh....I've been looking for a bowl or something to put the dirty washcloths and towels in! It grosses me out having them all on the side of the sink or the floor by the basement stairs all the time. That wasn't a terrible spending spree. Seems necessary!

Kimberli said...

Ooh, I love it!!!!! Marshall's/TJ Maxx are so much fun. I just went into Filene's Basement for the first time... kinda like a TJ Maxx for designer clothes. 7 Jeans for $30!!! So, if you want/need (?) $60 jeans, go there and spend $30 instead. WOOOOT!

Anonymous said...

I love the bin!! I hate putting those nasty used cloth napkins in with my clothes or throwing them down the stairs...now, where the hell would I put something like that in my kitchen??