29 June 2008

good news/bad news

So, tomorrow is the last day of June, which means the Year of Frugal Living is halfway over. Here's the good news- I've paid off 3000 dollars in credit card debt, plus another 3000 in student and car loans. In addition, I was able to save up and pay 2500 dollars for the lawyer. My garden is doing well, and so is the Paper Towel Challenge.

The bad news is that I have had to up my operating budget due to gas and food prices, and I stopped selling things on ebay when they increased their fees. So, I haven't paid off as much as I wanted to, but I would still say this was a successful 6 months.

My only worry, now, is what I'll do on January 1st, 2009- because I don't want to stop!


Astrid said...

Good work! I understand how price increases have increased operating expenses... can you sell on Craigslist instead of ebay? I've had some good luck with that...

Keep it up, you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Jamie - I am just curious how you were able to pay off so much? Are there any books you can recommend? I feel like we are already so strapped for money that I don't have any "extra" to put towards bills.