10 June 2008

Has this ever happened to you?

Do you ever buy something and then use it once and forget all about it? And then you find it and you think, "Omigod, I forgot all about this! I can't believe I bought this and then I forgot all about it! I guess I really didn't need it after all."

Well, that happens to me frequently. Especially with shirts that require some sort of complicated washing procedure. They go into the bottom-of-the-laundry-pile abyss and I pretty much never wear them again.

When I shop, I try to picture the item in a tag sale with a $1 sticker stuck on it. If it looks like it belongs, I don't buy it. If I wouldn't buy it AT a tag sale, I don't buy it. I think I'm still working on the "if it says dry clean only, I don't buy it" part, though.

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the driftwood collector said...

I'm working on that one, too. Kind of tricky when it comes to dressier clothes, but I'm trying. Your "special care" laundry abyss is likely similar to my dry cleaning abyss. I don't take it unless the pile starts to take over the house, because I hate spending money on dry cleaning.