23 June 2008

so, he's 2

Well, the birthday festivities are over. I'm taking this one a little harder than I thought, mostly because 2 is like a kid and not like a baby, and the chances of me having any more babies are not looking too good. So, he's 2.

The party went well, I had bought 24 reusable plastic plates for 2 dollars (total) on clearance at Target, meaning I'll never need paper plates again, plus after the whole party was over, with all 30+ people, I only had one bag of trash. At one point I had to fish two of them out of the garbage, but it sort of made me feel cool to do that, ha ha. Think you can throw plates away in my house? Hell no!

So, back to life. I'm reviewing a new book, this one is an ecological take on all the crap we accumulate in out lives. I think it sounds interesting, albeit familiar :). Garden is good, we had fresh lettuce and basil at the party, the cauliflower is getting big, and I have lots of little green tomatoes.

And I watched Waitress last night. Man, did I love that movie!


Jenny said...

The party was a tremendous success!! Thanks for having me (though I felt like an OUTCAST being as though I have no kids - just kidding). I loved the moment of you fishing the plates out of the trash - "People, these are reusable!!"

Here are a couple of websites someone forwarded to me that you might like...



I loved Waitress! "Damn baby."

Kim said...

Awwww... I'm sad that Lexi is walking... I can't even imagine her being two! Glad the party went well and great idea with the plates. My mom is always having to fish her plates out of the trash, too... the kids just don't get that they're not disposable! PICTURES, please?! Cake sounds awesome.