16 June 2008

freezin' stuff

Every time I try out something new, it sort of segues into something else to try. So, based on the PTC, plus the "cheap" thread on the BHB (not the "not cheap" one!! Lol) I started thinking about ziploc bags.

About a month ago I stopped using ziploc bags for my kids' snacks. I've been using small tupperware containers instead, and honestly, it was hard at first. It seemed really inconvenient for some reason and I kept wanting to just use ziplocs, but I had run out and didn't want to buy more. Now that a little time has gone by, it seems normal now. So that's good.

But, I'm still using the freezer bags for freezing meats. I'm not really sure if there is a better option, so I'm looking into that.
I'm also looking into containers to store baked things in. Right now I'm using aluminum foil to cover stuff, but again, I'd love a better, reusable option- preferably one not made of plastic, becuase I feel like I have so much plastic stuff. So, that's another thing to work out in my head.

I had a conversation with a coworker today about "reduce, reuse, recycle" and I think its really important to stress that reducing is best, reusing is second best, recycling is the last resort, and throwing away shouldn't be an option (in a perfect world, of course). That's sort of my motivation.

Always thinking, I am.

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JEN said...

Jaime - I use butcher block paper to freeze stuff - I think you can buy it from the store but I get mine from the butcher - the butcher freezes their stuff in it so it must be pretty good stuff

Thought I might let you know about that.