01 June 2008

times to spend

So, I still spend money (obviously). I mean, I have to eat! But there are some times when I opt to spend a little more, and feel good about it.

I buy good food. I read the ingredients for everything I buy, and I try to toe the line between spending too much and buying good food. So, today when I went to stop and shop, I saw that they had tons of their organic food marked 50% off. I bought 3 things of flour, 2 things of granola, a bag of sugar, pancake mix, peanut butter, apple butter, a can of soup, 2 boxes of falafel mix, 4 boxes of couscous, 2 boxes of basmati, and a box of veggie "taco" filling for like 33 dollars. Then I got 8 center cut pork chops for more than 50% off, they were 5 dollars and change.

Another time I spend extra is when I need something and there is a local mom and pop that has it. I needed some bug control for my broccoli, so I went to the garden center and got neem oil spray, and sage, mint and nasturtium plants. I put them around my vegetables in a way I read about- basically, the sage and mint plus the rosemary I already had help repel the caterpillars and beetles that eat cabbage family plants, and nasturtiums repel squash flies so I put those near the squash plants. I also planted marigolds near the tomatoes for the same reason, plus they look so pretty.
When I was planting, I saw 3 good visitors- a bee, a big earthworm, and a ladybug. Hopefully my additions to the garden will keep attracting them.

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