22 October 2008

another good gift idea

I asked my inlaws to get us memberships to the zoo and the children's museum for Christmas. We don't need any more toys (does anyone?) and we like to do things like that on Saturdays and days off. Plus, when you have a membership, sometimes it comes with extra guest passes or discounts at the store or restaurant.

It's the gift that keeps on giving (for a year, anyway).

Speaking of the gift that keeps on giving, did anyone else see the new e-cards they have to help you tell people you "may" have given them an STD? That's the internetz at its finest...


Krista said...

We do this with our nieces. They have so many toys that anything new just gets lost in the pile. After a few years of putting a lot of time and effort in to finding (making, assembling, etc) the perfect gift, we decided the zoo pass was a better bet. They love it!

Kimberli said...

I'm sure you know this, but a lot of zoos also have discounts at OTHER zoos (and museums, likewise). I keep pushing for stuff like that...but in this family, stuff reigns supreme. GAH.