25 October 2008

your turn!

Now that gardening season is basically over, and it's going to be too cold for the clothesline, I want to try out a new challenge.

So, any ideas? I was thinking about some sort of a menu game- like we would all post links for recipes that use a certain ingredient, so if, say, pork roast is on sale at your grocery store, you could potentially get like 4 meals out of it.

Any other ideas?


Krista said...

I like the idea of a food challenge! The grocery bill seems to be the last thing we can control, even with food prices out of control.

Are you thinking an ingredient a week and everyone can post recipes or links?

I will think on it and see what else I can come up with. :o)

LauraC said...

How about a holiday themed challenge until the end of the year? Seems like the holidays are doubly expensive bc of gifts, making stuff to take to parties, costumes, decorating the house, etc.