17 October 2008

just livid

My soon-to-be-ex-husband just told me that he's giving me 100 dollars less a week so he can get an apartment. Um, oh my god. If he does that, there goes my hope of ever getting out of debt. Every penny I have would go to minimum payments, not paying off debt.

I may throw up.


Krista said...

Oh no! Didn't he already do that?

Do you have a court order? If so, I would demand the money. If not, I would still demand the money. If he agreed to pay a certain amount, he needs to stick with it. Maybe you need to remind him that the money is for your kids and you don't have the option of putting less money toward their upbringing, so neither should he.

Hope things get better.

LauraC said...

Seriously?!?! He's giving less money to his KIDS?!?! What an a-hole. He so needs to be in court and explain that one to a judge.

Heidi said...

What an ass hat. You should buy that pair of pointy toed high heels and ram it right up his ass!! Seriously, he has shit for brains. Demand the rest of the $$

julie said...

he should take that "extra" hundred a week and put it toward a brain.

manda said...

That would piss meoff. My mom seemed to ALWAYS have to fight my dad tooth and nail for child support. Here I am 24 and he is STILL paying back support!