29 October 2008

good news?

The court thing went okay- my husband "threw out" his financial paperwork and so we had to get a continuance. However, we had a nice talk in the courthouse and he agreed to start giving me the 100 dollars again! We'll see if it happens, but he said he would, and I think he understood why I need it so badly.

Let me just say that doing the Year of Frugal Living and being so on top of my finances really served me well today, because I was able to succinctly explain exactly why I need that money, where it is going, and spout off all the numbers of what I've paid off and how much progress I've made right off the top of my head. When he left, I had 5 credit cards, now I have three, and I have paid off 10 percent of the debt, plus consolidated over 30 percent of it at 0 to 3.99 percent interest, which means less money paid to interest and more to the principle. I felt proud to say it, and it was impressive (I think) to hear.

So, good news (I hope!)


Krista said...

Great news! I hope he keeps his word.

I think you are doing great! Most people do the opposite when they divorce... run up the credit cards while they try to figure out how to live on one income. You should be proud!

Katrina said...

Congrats! That is just wonderful.