11 October 2008


I spent 54 dollars at ikea. I admit it, it was fun. I bought max a rug for his room (its one of those "road rugs" but since its from ikea, it looks like the backdrop from Yo Gabba Gabba and is so weird and cute and cool) for 14 bucks, curtains, a curtain "wire" and an over the door coat hook for my office, an aloe plant, two ceramic plant pots, a plastic salad bowl and a glass water pitcher. That's a lot of things for 54 dollars, don't you think?

I realize I have no money, I realize I have debt. But its been so long, and I was down the street from ikea with 2 hours to kill. And I didn't "need" those things like I need food and shelter, but they are all practical items that I have been wanting. I feel okay about it.

Excuses, excuses. :)

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manda said...

I LOVE Ikea! Its okay to indulge a little go back a post or two and look at those AWESOME numbers!