18 October 2008

the best frugal idea I had yet

I asked my mom to buy me the shoes for Christmas.

For the last few months, every time I thought of something I wanted but didn't need, for me or for the kids, I wrote it down in my phone (where I keep track of my spending). So, right now my Christmas list (for myself) looks like this:

  • the shoes

or these

and I wouldn't mind these, either:

  • an "under the counter" radio for my kitchen, so I can listen to the news while I cook
  • these cool prints from IKEA from my kitchen

Yup. Even virtual shopping makes you feel better.


Jaime said...

I'm just commenting to let you all know it took me like 25 tries to get the formatting right because of the pictures and the bullets, and it's still not right. I'm getting pissed so you get the idea.

LauraC said...

Formatting is one of those things with blogger that comes and goes...

I do the same thing for stuff for my boys. My mom and MIL always want to buy them stuff, so I keep a list of things they need and I keep it specific - 2T swimsuits, beach towels, particular toys, etc.

I even set up an Amazon wish list to make Christmas shopping easier. Then the relatives feel good buying something they know the boys will like and we end up spending less money.

As for myself, I always ask for Barnes and Noble gift cards since I get all my books from the library and PaperBackSwap. Sometimes it's nice to get a new one!

manda said...

I want a under the cabinet radio too. Good idea!