26 October 2008

The Christmas Challenge

Oh, so annoying. Spell check just deleted my whole post!

Okay, so this won't be as verbose. I decided to start with the Christmas Challenge. In August, I started an automatic savings plan with my ING Direct account that took 30 dollars every payday for Christmas. As of today, it has 180 dollars, and by December 18th, I'll have 300 dollars.

I wanted to point out that I have *never* saved in advance for Christmas. Last year I paid cash, but there have been Christmases past where I charged presents. I am probably still making payments on those presents. :(

My goal is to use my 300 dollars for Christmas without going over. I know this number is small- I don't have a lot of people to buy for and we're not huge present givers (for example, I don't have any nieces or nephews and only have one sibling- and I obviously don't need to buy for my husband anymore...). When I spend something, I'll post how much on the blog- but not what, just in case someone is reading!

Sound good?


manda said...

I read...I cannot wait to see how far you stretch your dollar :)

Krista said...

Sounds good to me!

Kimberli said...

I'd be curious to see how you handle the unexpected Christmas gifts... when coworkers ask to pool money for the boss, when a friend invites you to a party where small gifts will be exchanged, etc.

Good luck!!